Archive site



Archive site is a project built during Code Writers, a five weeks workshop from Index Space.

The idea behind this project is to create a space for my ever growing repository of visual and web work. Based on my intentional experimentation project, my goal is to use this space as a platform for publishing my own work during the next years.


Visual cues

Conceptual references and information architecture

Starting point

My references from this project comes from my background in architecture. In CAD programs, a hatch fills an object and is used to identify between different textures and materials. Borrowing from this way of visually identifying objects, I wanted a visual map for the different projects, that will be filling up as the project grows in size and more posts are added.

This project was also made as a way to learn how to use Eleventy while also building a working website. Instead of learning through video lessons and abstract exercises, my approach is always to create useful things that can be seen. As a public facing project, I'm more aware of the details as well as the improvements that can be made for a future project.

Visual cues and initial website development


I wanted to create a system that worked with different types of content. I decided on three topics: visual, text, web; and left one visual cue open for any other type of project that can be used in the future.

Another aspect I had to keep in mind was how would this system can be flexible and easily replicable. I decided for a black, gray and off-white color palette, with simple lines. Following up with the architectural references, I chose a dotted background, to mimic the white pages of a notebook.

End results

This was a challenging project that served as a learning project to understand templates using nunjucks as well as a consolidation of my skills in web development in 2021.

It was an enriching experience to create a project with a group of people, always grateful that I got to be a part of an interesting group of designers and developers. Special thanks to our instructor, Jake Brussel Faria for the continuous support.

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