Thea is a creative collective that helps small brands and founders to find their personality and purpose. Through ethical strategies and inclusive content, their work comprises brand, websites, copywriting and user experience.

After joining Thea Collective as a freelance designer, they invited me to collaborate on the redesign of their website.
The goal was to move the website into Webflow. While also fixing UX and UI issues to improve the overall experience and clarify services for prospective clients.


Home page

Clients and freelancers header

Freelancers cards

Working alongside Tamara, founder of Thea, our main objective was figuring out a clear and simple way for clients to navigate the site. We were tasked with making the experience as accessible as possible, true to Thea's ethos.

My work here was to improve the overall look of the site. By adjusting the alignment, margins, spacing and padding in each one of the headers, we achieved a cohesive look accross pages. Which also helped to improve the readability in the paragraphs, adding white space and letting the design breathe.

Freelancers cards and footer


Working with the cards, we discussed to decide what was the most relevant information to have in them. Being a multi-lingual collective from around the world, there are cultural differences about how we want to be perceived.

Having this in mind, we decided to leave the nationality and languages out of the card. Focusing on the work abilities, we decided to showcase the skills upfront and complement with information about each individual's personality.

End results

We worked together to improve the brand from a strategic and visual perspective. My role was to upgrade the visual standards according to the strategic viewpoint that guided us through the design process.
Following accesibility standards, we made sure the services were the main focus within content detail pages and users could easily navigate and understand what Thea is all about.

Working alongside Tamara, I learned that behind every visual argument there should be a strategic point of view. Overall, we made a perfect team for a satisfactory end result.

Home page