def. Visual designer. Undergrad philosophy student.
0. Spends most of her time:
1. Designing brand identities and websites.
2. Doing creative work and theory.
3. Learning through intentional experimentation.

Web / Visual
October 2020

Collaborating on the redesign of a freelance collective.

Brand / Visual
June 2021

Creating visuals for a community-led grants program.

Web / Self-initiated
May 2021

Designing and developing a website while learning Eleventy.

Dec 2020

Brand and diagram system for social media applications.

Brand / Web
Dec 2020

Redesigning a brand for trust and credibility.

Web / Self-initiated
June 2020

Creating a clean and readable web experience.


I’m a visual and web designer, formally trained as an architect, and a philosophy student. My current research focus is on the Time-Image in Deleuze. I am particularly interested in diagrams, learning, art theory and time management.

Currently, I'm learning through intentional experimentation: creating side projects in order to improve my skills in web design, web development and product design. I document my process → here.

Outside of work and uni, I enjoy creating analog and digital illustrations, creating structures for personal project management and taking care of my plants.

For more details, I wrote a → personal user manual.

Personal projects

  • → Archive site
  • 3.1 Repository for intentional experimentation on the web.

  • → Blog
  • 2.1 Here I write about art, media, philosophy. In Spanish and English.

  • 2.2 I'm writing a series of essays about avant-garde scenes and art manifestos.


Open to collaborations and freelance work.
Reach me → here.